To understand the active ingredient of the Diamond Earth, here is a metaphor:

When you read the word "HEAT", you know each letter, and the assembly of each letter translates information. You understand this word because your brain is programmed with the French language. However, if you do not understand the word "HEAT" and are exposed to it, you will still be able to experience its effect, strength, quality and intensity, right?

The conclusion of this metaphor is that each form is an information system. Whatever the letters, the words or the geometries, whether we know the language or the language that allows us to understand the forms, we receive the influences and the effects.

The engraving is composed of 3 forms. Here is a description of the center to the outside:

The world map: it is the representation of the Earth.

I spent 13 years doing research on the phenomenon of "waves of forms", one of the many conclusions is:

  1. "A form radiates its frequency and information into its near environment just because it exists as a form. "
  2. By applying this statement, you can understand that:
  3. The tetrahedral star supports the balance of feminine and masculine principles within us, which also supports peace and harmony between genres.

The world map connects to the global reality of the Earth, it connects us to the planetary unity. We are all a part of this mega body that we have every interest in respecting, cherishing and protecting.

The diamond grid is the structure of the collective consciousness of humanity of light. Because it contains more than 900 times the number of gold that could be called: "the harmonic proportion of life", we can understand that its radiation activates the very principles of holiness, of the multidimensionality of which it is a magnificent representation.

This diamond grid is the structure of the collective consciousness of a holy humanity. This refers to a quality of presence, of realization of Being by the manifestation of a state of consciousness and purity. This state incorporates unconditional love, benevolence, compassion, harmony, faith, humility, grace, intelligence, control of energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions, words , actions and their consequences.

These explanations are very summarized, for those who would be interested, I have a book being written and I plan to make some


to share more explanations about the fundamentals, sacred geometry, my initiation with this grid of consciousness and many interesting anecdotes. While waiting for all this material to be ready, you can consult the tab

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How is the Diamond Earth made?

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Diamond Light Diamond Light car il est très difficile de graver le cristal à l’intérieur d’une sphère avec cette précision !

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