If we could reactivate or boost our codes of harmony, peace, unity of consciousness, love, simple intelligence, we could easily change our visions, our reactions and manifest a more balanced and comfortable reality for all.

 You meditate, pray, visualize a better world, a world of love, harmony, unity. You work to support the evolution of humanity, the grid of collective conscience ...









But do you know how is this grid? Have you seen it before? How do you visualize it?

For the first time, you can see the precise representation in 3D and in light! This is exceptional ! This announces a new wave of intensification of light consciousness on Earth.

The collective consciousness grid is the energy matrix that unites all beings of light around the Earth

She is also called 

the. Christ lattice, the crystalline grid, the fifth-dimensional grid, the planetary consciousness grid If you were able to read in the forms, you could read bliss, harmony, benevolence, peace, serenity, unconditional love, compassion, grace, intelligence.It is the gate of holiness.

. It's beyond religions. There are saints in all religions, these are paths whose sanctity is its destination. The more the "DIAMOND EARTH" spreads, the more it activates humans. The more we are to be activated, the more the grid is supported and supports the elevation of the global and individual consciousness of humanity! It is the creation of an ascensional and virtuous spiral. Do not you feel called to participate in this synergy?

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