L’endroit idéal est la salle de pratique, la salle de soins, de thérapie. Elle peut aussi être placée dans votre bureau, dans le salon ou simplement dans l’espace de vie ou sur la table du repas, nous y passons 3 fois par jour. Elle élève votre nourriture et en facilite l’assimilation.

How to use Diamond Earth? ?

Even if you do nothing, whether you see it or not, whether it turns or not, whether it is lit or not, it radiates light and codes of holiness. It activates you and all its environment. However, it is beautiful to see her on and it is good to meditate on her to benefit from her full activation potential. When immersed in your mind, it increases your ability to connect and align with the holiness grid - the collective awareness grid of light. it

active votre circuit de puissance.

Nota :Je recommande de ne pas la laisser allumer quand vous dormez, ni quand vous êtes absent afin d’économiser le moteur de la base. In a therapist's office

, she you

will support in your sessions that will be more effective, deep and fast. It's as if you are installing a light box at very high speed. Your reliance and that of your patients in the light of love will be more powerful (Check the testimonials page) In a living space. it will bring peace and harmony which can ease tensions and facilitate true communication

In an office, , connected to the computer with the super base, it turns on and off at the same time. You will also have more !

clarity of mind and intuition which will save you a lot of time, energy and money in your business. In a circle of meditation or healing when working in a group, you can place it in the center. It allows all participants to

to have a clear vision of the planet and the light awareness grid. it will amplify the collective creation of the group for the support of the evolution and at the same time the group will benefit from the radiation of the Diamond Earth. The group will be more connected to the collective consciousness grid. What is its range of radiation? According to the measurements of geobiologists, it radiates about

80 m

in all directions what makes 160 mètres de diamètre pour le petit modèle et jusqu’a 140m, soit 280 mètre de diamètre pour la grande Terre Diamant! It also affects your neighbors. It's amazing ! La grande en plus de rayonner plus loin dispose d’une puissance de pacification bien plus importante. What chakra is Diamond Earth doing?

The measurements made on the harmonization of the chakras testified that the action of the Diamond Earth begins from the center of the Earth to the Celestial Sun! It covers all the chakras, all the Octaves and aligns the globality of the being.

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